Slots With The Highest RTP

You can improve your chances of earning a profit at an online casino by hunting out the highest RTP slots. This guide will explain what the RTP rate means and why it is so important when choosing which casinos games to play.

We will also shine a light on the highest RTP casino slot machines on offer at licensed online casinos. Read on to discover the best RTP slots that you can play today.

How online slots work in a casino

Slot machines are a popular type of gambling entertainment today, involving the investment of money. Every beginner and experienced gambler dreams of getting the most rewards by placing bets and inventing various strategies. There are many schemes and techniques that are used to increase the chances of winning, but you can only find out if all these methods and approaches are so effective if you know how the slot works.

Online Slot Basics

The slot machine consists of several main components that make up a single whole mechanism. A certain action depends on each individually: the reels demonstrate symbols and chains, the control panel allows you to place bets and make other settings, the software executes the commands given by the player. Let’s consider each component in more detail.

Algorithm of Online Slots

The slot is characterized as software aimed at bringing a certain percentage of profit. Each software developer has an RTP indicator – Return to Player, which indicates how much a particular slot machine will give back. As a rule, the figure varies in the values ​​of 85-95%, but there are indicators even higher. But RTP will never show one hundred percent, because then the meaning of the existence of the slot is lost.

For example, a gambler enters the online platform, selects a device and places a bet. It is fixed by the program and the rotation of the reels starts. After they stop, the same signs may or may not be formed in a consecutive direction, which is a winning combination.

Regardless of how much time the player spends at the slot, it will not be possible to control the return. The program does not care when and to whom to give the pledged rtp, and even in the case of a quick win, the game will take its due interest over a long distance.

Another important factor influencing the gameplay algorithm is the license. If you play on a legal slot, there is a chance at least not to lose the main part of the bankroll, but pirated copies are twisted up to 5-10%, so there is absolutely no chance.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the small percentage that the slot takes can work at any time and in different or one game session. What does it mean? One gambler will constantly get winning combinations, and the rest will pay with RTP. This is the whole trick of the slot – you will never guess what will fall out in the next spin.

What is a Bet Level?

Beginning slothunters cannot always figure out the bets, often confusing the amount per line and the face value of the coin. Some do not understand what the denomination means and why it is installed on the slot. Let’s give a small example: the slot machine offers a face value of 0.1 unit, what does this mean? By choosing this value and activating 9 lines, 0.9 coins will be debited per spin. In the real world, such a denomination does not exist, coins are not divided into constituent parts. Thanks to this technology, you have a chance to reduce the risk by placing a bet equal to even less than one penny.

It is important to deal with this at the initial stage of mastering the slot in order to clearly understand the set amount per bet.

What are Reels in Slot Games

The classic slot is a game with spinning reels. They are arranged vertically and the number depends on the specific slot: there can be three, five or more reels. On the reels there are cells in which symbols are displayed. Each reel rotates separately, and after stopping, the images in the sectors are added into chains. If this happened on the line activated by the player, the move is counted as a winning one. The pictures did not match – the money for the spin is deducted from the bankroll in favor of the casino.

Modern developers are implementing a wide variety of graphic solutions, the reels can be displayed in the form of falling blocks, as in the well-known NetEnt slot Gonzo’s Quest and some other machines, or in general in the form of a spiral or floating symbols. Regardless of the external design – all this is considered drums, but in some interpretation.

Winnings in Online Slots

Without a doubt, this is the most exciting question in the characteristics of the slot and the gameplay. How winnings are calculated, what matches are considered successful and how much you can earn for a successful combination – all this interests a beginner. First of all, it is important to consider all the main components involved in issuing a good win.

Symbols and Winning Combinations

Winning combination 777 Each slot has a certain set of symbols. It has a graphical component, which depends on the theme of the emulator. Previously, the classic signs were “777”, “BAR” and pictures with fruits, and the slots did not shine with variety.

Today, programmers and designers use all their imagination and creativity when developing a game, laying out a whole storyline with the development of events in bonus rounds. All this is done to attract the audience – playing a slot with familiar and favorite characters is much more interesting than just watching watermelons and oranges spinning. Of course, there are also lovers of the classics who prefer the standard character set.

Winning combinations are formed as a result of the rotation of the reels after they stop. How it works in practice:

  • the gambler sets the number of active lines – their number depends on the slot model, the player’s personal decision and excitement;
  • the start key starts the revolutions;
  • at a certain moment, the rotations stop, some slots have a manual stop;
  • the program determines the effectiveness of the spin, calculating the winnings based on the number of matches;
  • if the move is successful, the amount won is displayed on the scoreboard.

All valid combinations are displayed in the payout table, which can be called up by pressing the corresponding button on the control panel. As a rule, it is of a dynamic type, i.e., the indicators for each combination change, depending on the current rate.

Each slot contains both more expensive and less paid icons, the conditions for the winning combination also change from slot to slot. For example, in one, the win can be counted starting from two symbols in a row, and in the other – only from three. Sometimes chains work in both directions: from left to right and vice versa.

What are Paylines?

paylines in slot machinesThese are the directions in which the winning combination will be counted. The lines can pass through the coils horizontally, diagonally, and in various broken directions. It all depends on the modification of the slot. Identical images that fell out in a row will be considered as prizes if they are located along the active line, so most gamblers try to activate all the chains at once in order to have more chances to win.

In some slots, the number of lines can be changed manually, in others they are all fixed by the developer and cannot be changed. It is important to remember that the more directions are activated, the more expensive it will be to spin the reels.

What Are Multipliers In Slot Games?

These are special values that can increase the amount several times. They can be present both in the main and in the bonus game, most often they work in the second case. Their number and coefficient depends directly on the slot itself, how the developer made it and how many prize additions he laid.

The multiplier in the main game can work in several cases:

  • a random symbol that moves freely around the playing field, increasing the current win;
  • an additional window indicating the active multiplier, which is given for matching or collecting certain symbols;
  • the loss of a special combination on which the multiplier is triggered.

There are many variations, you need to carefully study the rules.

What is RNG

The Random Number Generator is a program that ensures the operation of the slot and its impartiality to the issuance of prize combinations. Its algorithm cannot be predicted by anyone, including the developer and owner of the online casino. Well-known mathematicians, programmers and psychologists took part in the development of the RNG, the modern model, namely the 128-bit md5 algorithm, was developed by a professor at the University of Massachusetts.

The logic of the generator is that it does not have its own memory, so all combinations are generated randomly, without a logical conclusion and a planned result.

Starting from the moment the spins are launched, the RNG gives out one hundred different numbers per minute, to which a certain combination is assigned. At the moment of stopping the revolutions, one of the numbers is fixed and symbols are formed on the screen. It all depends on at what exact moment the button was pressed, but it is impossible to understand what number was generated at that moment.

Should I trust the RNG? Definitely yes, especially if the slot is from a well-known developer. Each reputable company periodically tests the random number generator in specialized laboratories, which, after verification, issue a certificate of conformity.


Our experts set out to find the highest RTP slot games on offer at licensed, regulated online casinos in the United States. We manually sifted through the online slot ranges at leading casino sites to identify the best RTP slots. Yes, there are great free online casino games. We can now reveal the top 10 best RTP slot games available at legal casino sites and mobile apps.


This classic slot from NetEnt has an RTP of 98%, which means the average player will receive $98 back from every $100 wagered. Blood Suckers was released 14 years ago, so the graphics are now a little dated compared to the hottest new releases, but it remains extremely popular.

Players love the high RTP percentage, the low volatility level, the vampire theme and the accessible gameplay, which has helped cement Blood Sucker’s status as an enduring classic. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines, with a maximum win of 1,014.6x your bet amount.

STARMANIA (97.87%)

This 5-reel, 10-payline online slot game from NextGen Gaming offers a very high RTP rate, a vibrant intergalactic theme and simple mechanics. It is playable at the best online casinos from just $0.10 per spin, and you can wager up to $20.

Starmania contains an exciting free games feature, which you will trigger if you land three or more bonus symbols. You can retrigger it to land 30 free spins. The maximum win is 1,000x your stake.


This popular online slot pays homage to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s novel. You can venture down the rabbit hole in pursuit of large prizes, with a maximum win of 10,000x your bet amount on offer at this high RTP slot from Big Time Gaming, the company that created the Megaways feature.

This is a Megaways game, with up to 248,832 paylines, and it has a high volatility, which some players enjoy. The RTP is not quite as high as Blood Suckers, but it provides lots of additional, exciting features and sharper graphics, making White Rabbit one of the best online slots with highest RTP rates on the market.


NextGen Gaming, which is owned by industry giant Scientific Games, released this entertaining online slot in 2019. It focuses on the Ancient Greek monster, who had snakes in her hair and the ability to turn anyone that caught her eye to stone.

The standard RTP is 96.28%, but there is a buy pass feature that can push it up to 97.63%, offering direct access to a free spins round. As it is a Megaways game, there are more than 100,000 ways to win, and it offers impressive graphics too.

GUNS N’ ROSES (96.98%)

Rock on with Axl and Slash by playing this high RTP slot from NetEnt, which could take you down to Paradise City if your luck is in. As you would expect, it features a great soundtrack, including Sweet Child o’ Mine, November Rain and other hits.

Even if you are not a fan of the band, you should still enjoy the above average RTP rate, the special features and the ability to unlock free spins. Guns N’ Roses has 5 reels and 20 paylines.

BLOOD SUCKERS 2 (96.94%)

The sequel to the No. 1 game on our highest slot RTP list comes with a lower payout percentage, but there are still plenty of reasons to try out Blood Suckers 2. First, it offers far broader betting limits, as you can wager between $0.25 to $250 per spin.

It also offers a higher maximum win of up to 1,298x your bet amount. Blood Suckers 2 comes with better graphics and more features than the original game too, so it is widely considered one of the best slot games RTP in the business.


Our overview of the slot machines with highest RTP rates now arrives at another game focused on a legendary musician. This popular NetEnt slot features psychedelic graphics designed to evoke the flower power era, and the soundtrack features Purple Haze, Voodoo Child, Foxey Lady and many more hits. The RTP is above average, and you can wager between $0.20 to $200 per spin on this 5-reel, 20-payline video slot. It is one of the best RTP slots online, and it is available at most leading casino sites and mobile apps.


The psychedelic graphics continue when you venture into the wonderful world of Butterfly Staxx, another NetEnt slot that is ubiquitous at licensed US online casinos. Like Blood Suckers, it is a low volatility slot, and it offers larger bet limits of $0.40 to $400 per spin.

This 5-reel, 40-payline slot offers a variety of bonus features, and you can land a payout of up to 840x your stake if you rack up seven free butterfly spins.

DEAD OR ALIVE (96.82%)

Grab your six-shooter and set off for the Wild West in NetEnt’s arresting video slot. Prolific outlaws such as Jesse James and Billy the Kid stalk these bourbon-soaked lands, and you will need to keep your wits about you as you seek big wins.

The maximum payout is 12,000x your bet amount, and it also features a very competitive RTP percentage, a captivating storyline and superb graphics. That has helped Dead or Alive emerge as one of the best RTP slot games, and it has spawned a popular sequel too.

FRUIT SHOP (96.7%)

Our rundown of the casino slots with highest RTP rates concludes with Fruit Shop, which replicates the classic fruit-themed slot machines found at land-based casinos. This is another old-school slot, which was released back in 2011, but it has endured while many other games have fallen away.

That is testament to the simplicity of the gameplay, which features a 5-reel, 15-payline layout, the fun theme, the high RTP rate and the chance to win up to 2,000x your stake.


The RTP rate is one of the most important considerations when choosing which online slot game to play. While some prefer certain free online slots, there are also other factors to bear in mind with RTP slots. These are the key attributes we focus on when seeking the best slots RTP games on the market:


The highest RTP online slots give you the best chance of ending a session in profit. Ideally, you should look for games as close to 100% as possible. Remember that claiming bonuses and promotions at online casinos can essentially cut down the house edge too, so combining great promos with high RTP slots will give you a reasonable chance of success.

Another important factor to consider is the volatility level, which dictates the predictability of the results. Some players prefer low volatility slots, which offer more predictable winning patterns, while others opt for higher volatility games, which increase the chances of long winning or losing streaks.


The best slots come with a wide range of bonus features. You can trigger free spins and bonus rounds with increasing multipliers, sticky wilds, random wilds, symbol transformations, expanding wilds and so on. Scatters, wilds and multipliers will increase your winnings and spice up the gameplay.

You can also look out for progressive jackpots. These games can lead to six-figure payouts or seven-figure payouts if your luck is in. Some players will accept a lower RTP rate when playing progressive jackpot slots, as they offer the chance to win a life-changing payout if you trigger the jackpot.


Online slots are also a form of entertainment, so you can consider the quality of the graphics, animations, gameplay and sound effects when making your choice. The best slots offer dazzling graphics, and they span a huge array of themes, from Ancient Egypt and Norse mythology to hit TV shows and famous musicians.

Alongside the graphics, you can also look for interesting features such as Megaways or cluster pays. However, if a game has an underwhelming RTP rate, you might want to avoid it, regardless of how beautiful it looks.


Certain slots work well for specific types of players, including options at real-money online casinos. For example, there are slots that you can play from just $0.05 or $0.10 per spin, while others are great for high rollers, with large maximum bet amounts per spin.

Players often check out the maximum potential win too, as that can have a bearing on the general appeal of an online slot. That applies to standard video slots, as progressive jackpot slots do not have a fixed maximum win amount.


We only recommend legitimate online slots from licensed providers such as NetEnt, IGT, Scientific Games, Big Time Gaming, Red Tiger and so on. These games are routinely tested by independent examiners at labs certified by regulators such as the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement or the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

We will never recommend high RTP slots at unlicensed casinos, as those sites could scam customers, and you are never guaranteed a payout if you win. PayPal casinos protect customers in a similar fashion.


The average RTP (Return to Player) rate for an online slot is around 96%. Anything above 96.5% is generally considered to have an appealing payout percentage, and games like Blood Suckers stand out by offering an unusually high rate. Experienced online casino players gravitate towards the online slots best RTP games, as they offer a better chance of success during a session.

For example, if you play a game with a 98% RTP rate, you know that the average player gets $98 back from $100 wagered. By contrast, the average player will only receive $94.20 per $100 wagered when playing a slot with a 94.2% RTP rate. All results are dictated by Random Number Generators, so there will be winners and losers, but your chances of ending up in profit will go up if you seek out high RTP games.


The RTP rate is often the first stat casino players look for when browsing games. Table games tend to have a higher RTP rate than slots – for example, the RTP on blackjack is typically above 99% – but there are lots of advantages to playing slot games. Many players prefer them, as they offer better graphics and more exciting narratives, and they also generally count 100% towards completing the wagering requirements applied to bonus credits, whereas table games do not.


There are more than 1,000 video slots to choose from at leading online casinos such as BetMGM and BetRivers. New games are added to their portfolios on a regular basis, so you may find new high RTP slots added. If you cannot immediately see the RTP displayed next to a game, you can ask customer service, visit the provider’s website or simply Google it.

There are lots of high RTP slots available in other markets, but they have not yet found their way to licensed online casinos in the United States yet. However, that may change in the future. You can look out for games such as Ugga Bugga (99.07%), Mega Joker (99%), Book of 99 (99%), Ooh Aah Dracula (99%), Monopoly Big Event (99%), Jackpot 6000 (98.86%), 1429 Uncharted Seas (98.6%) and The Catfather (98.1%), which may find their way to the best payout online casinos such as BetMGM, Caesars, FanDuel and DraftKings at some point.



The slots with the highest RTP rates at licensed US online casinos are: Blood Suckers (98%), Starmania (97.87%), White Rabbit (97.72%), Medusa Megaways (97.63%), Guns N’ Roses (96.98%), Blood Suckers 2 (96.94%), Jimi Hendrix (96.9%), Butterfly Staxx (96.8%), Dead or Alive (96.82%) and Fruit Shop (96.7%). Those slots are available at several legal online casinos, but you may also find some additional games when searching for the best RTP casino slots.


The highest RTP online slots offer the best payout rates. They include Blood Suckers, Starmania, White Rabbit and Medusa Megaways. If you want to find the online slots with highest RTP percentages, the information should be readily available alongside each online slot game at the best casino sites and mobile apps.


The top online casinos should make it easy for you to find the highest RTP slots. Some offer tools that allow you to display the games in descending order, with the highest RTP slot machines at the top of the grid.

However, most sites do not offer that feature. Instead, you will need to manually check for the highest RTP casino slot machines by delving into each game and looking at the paytable. It helps to arm yourself with a list of the best RTP slot machines on offer at most licensed online casinos, such as Blood Suckers and Guns N’ Roses, as that will make the process quicker and easier.


The highest RTP slot games do not guarantee a profit, but they do increase your theoretical chances of ending up in profit. Online slots at licensed casino sites deliver totally random results, so there is no way to guarantee success. However, playing the best RTP online slots will boost your chances of earning a profit. You can also consider variables like the volatility rate and any progressive jackpots when considering which of the best slots with highest RTP rates to play.


The average RTP rate for an online slot is around 96%. That means the average player would theoretically get $9.60 back for every $10 wagered. All results are random, so certain players will win and others will lose, but the RTP gives you an idea of your chances of success.

You can improve your chances by seeking out the casino slot machines with highest RTP percentages. Our best online slots payout percentage guide can help.


The online slots with the highest RTP rates at licensed casinos in the United States include Blood Suckers, Starmania, White Rabbit, Guns N’ Roses, Dead or Alive and Butterfly Staxx. BetMGM and FanDuel have a variety of appealing video slots with high RTP rates. These are often the best online casino slots to play when completing rollover requirements on bonus funds at the best slots app operators or websites.


RTP is an abbreviation of Return to Player. It tells you the theoretical payout rate available on online slot games. If the slot has an RTP rate of 96.2%, you would expect on average a return of $96.20 for every $100 wagered. It is totally random, so some players win and other players lose, but the RTP rate is a very useful indicator of your chances of earning a profit.

There are other factors to consider too, including the volatility level, the maximum win amount and any progressive jackpots.